Mar 28, 2012

Proceed - haiku collection

Inline image 1We have launched a new volume containing a collection of over 200 haiku about nature, animals, lotuses, etc.

You can order it in paperback, on Amazon Kindle or as a PDF.

Have a look here:

I hope you will enjoy it!

Mar 20, 2012

Mar 16, 2012

the bus

running after the bus
lost the bus
sun still shining


Mar 8, 2012


Walking down the path
I can't refrain to laugh
We are all so serious
Some are so mysterious
We pretend the way we know
When we're walking in a row
But the funny thing it is
None of us have any clue
Where we're going, why and how
But it's sure we'll find somehow
That the way is clear and true
But not down or up or side
It's just straight and deep inside