Jul 30, 2015

I want

I want the sun to rise
by itself
I want the moon to shine in the night
by itself
I want the rain to water the lands
by itself
I want the wind to blow and cool the summer days
by itself
I want the crop to grow
by itself
And the forest to clean the air
by itself

But, I want to be in control

Unexpected poem of titles...

you cannot
little water drop
the way
who do you think you are
are not
the fastest path
the sun
what you are
you get
if the rain would stop
bad event
new job

Jul 29, 2015

You cannot

- Lord, I would like to know myself
- You cannot

- I would like to find the purpose of my life
- You cannot

- I would like to become enlightened
- You cannot

- Lord, I would like to come closer to you, be one with you
- You cannot

- But what is it that I can?
- Just knock at the door!

- But the door does not have any handle
- It does, on the inside...

Jul 28, 2015

Little Water Drop

Water Drop was upset
A bit of ink changed its colour
What to do, how to be clean again
As she was at the beginning of times?
The ink was the worse that could happen
Such a terrible thing was happening
To her
She asked other drops
And all had ideas and wisdom and rules and methods
And she tried them all
But then she noticed that none of them
Was cleaner than herself
If they cannot clean themselves
How can they teach me how to do it?
Tired, she just stopped trying
She let it go
Slowly she fell into a stream of water
And hoped that by this it would become clean again
But alas, the stream united with other streams
And none of them were cleaner
The speed increased
The stream became a small river, then a river
Speed increased and increased
Water Drop was just taken by the water current
No more she was in control
No more could she do anything about it
At times she was sorry for trying to get clean
Among infinite others drops
She was not herself anymore
She was not cleaner for sure
On the contrary
The speed increase and increased
Up in the air sometime, at the bottom of the river some othertime
Water Drop hoped this would finish soon
And it did
The Ocean received Water Drop
There was no speed
Just the slow movement of the waves
And Water Drop noticed that
The cursed ink disappeared into the ocean
All that was left of her was the crystal pure water
And she saw infinite other drops
That, just like her, were in pain on the trip
Now just like her, were enjoying the ocean
Those droplets were now one with the ocean
And one with her
And then her life started...