Apr 30, 2012

Apr 18, 2012

half asleep

half asleep in the westbound train.
a bird flies the sky
and pities me

Apr 17, 2012


silently, helping the
grass grow
a sun ray

what are the books good for?

Are the books good for us?

One would say obviously: Yes! But why?

What is their use?

Some of them are obviously useful: cooking books - help us eat better, technical books - teach us to fix stuff, map books - help us go places.

But about some others, the answer is not that simple.

Is a leadership book teach us to be good leaders? I know for sure that is not true for all as I read some of them and I am no leader of any kind.

Are the books about raising kids teaching us about how to raise a kid? Maybe if you consider practical things, like what type of milk to use and when to introduce food to a newborn, and so forth. But when it comes to important stuff like how to build a true relationship between the parent and the kid, or how to deal with the son's or daughter's teenager years, book are mostly useless. The reality is different than the book even only from the fact that each family is different.

Do the books about spirituality teach you more about the spirituality? I did not find any yet. Yes, the teach you about religion, about the rites, about the saints. But they do not teach you anything useful about YOUR spirituality, about your own individual path. That you have the walk alone and it is not clear if books help.

If you visit plan to mountain, like Himalayas, should you read a book about it? Only if it teaches you practical things like what tracks to take and how to camp. But does it really help if you read about the beauty of the mountain, about the silence it give to your thoughts or about the happiness it brings to your soul?

Reading about music helps us enjoy the music more?

Reading about playing tennis helps us play better?

Does reading lots of books really make you smarter or screws up your brain that you know and understand less?

And maybe more important, does a book make your wiser? Help you know you better? Help you?

I honestly don't know...

Apr 5, 2012

haiku on the train

the saga continues :-)

young rocker on the right
music for everybody
generous person

check the magazine

Apr 4, 2012


A guy asked:

@poet on the go: how come your words don’t
rhyme? What a crime! Spareadime

I replied:

poem with no rhyme
is no crime
poem just for rhyme
that's a big crime
-poet on the go

Apr 3, 2012

trip with the local train

lady on the right plays on iPhone
man on the left on his DS
new kids on the train