Mar 8, 2015


the tree is growing
into the silence
the sun is dawning
into the silence
the stars are dancing
into the silence
noise is outside
and so is inside
going nowhere
just moving in circles

Mar 4, 2015

who do you think you are

who do you think you are
you think you are very important
that the whole world was built for you
that everything through the day is there just for you
that the whole universe is moving around you
you think God is caring about you every second
and angels are there to protect you every step you take
you think nations depend on you
is that what you think?

well you are right...


trying to find me
I tried to find You
I looked in the books
and churches and dreams
outside and inside
in the past, present and future
but you were not there
then I gave up
You knocked at my door
Who's there I asked
It is you, You said
And then I found You
and I found me