Jul 23, 2012

Visit at Wendy's

Being an immigrant and speaking with an accent can give you unexpected adventures sometimes.

I visited Wendy's for the first time alone. It took me around ten minutes to choose something from their menu.

I decided to go with something simple so I have no surprises: "Spicy chicken caesar salad".

I sat in the line and I was happy they were only 3-4 people in front of me. Well, I was happy too early because it took me around 30 minutes to get in front of the line. I have no idea what took so long...

I finally got my turn:

"What can we offer you?"

"Spicy chicken caesar salad", said I.


"Spicy chicken caesar salad", said I again.


I pointed to the big poster on lady's right and she replied happily: "Ahhh, Spicy chicken caesar salad!"

"Stay?" said she.

"What?!?" said I.

"Stay or go?"

"What?!?" said I.

"Do you want it to eat it here or to to?"

"Oh, to go please" I answered happy I finally understood the question.

She charged me and offered me a empty bag. I looked at the bag not knowing what to do.

"It will take a while" said she.

"Okay" I said.

"Can I have the receipt?" I asked.

"No, you cannot" she said and after looking at my bewildered face, "it will be in the bag when the order is ready".

"Okay" I said and started reading my emails on my phone. I read all the new ones and read again the old once so after around 5 minutes she asked me:

"Are you sure you want Spicy salad? Cause if you do it will take another eight minutes. If you want regular one it will be faster. And the difference between them is just some powder on the top!"

I wondered why on earth it would take eight minutes to put some powder on the top and I was hungry so I said: "Regular is okay!"

After around five more minutes she called me and gave me the bag.

"Is the receipt in the bag?" I asked.

"Yes, you can have napkins and straws around the corner".

That she didn't answer my question was one thing but why would I need to use the straws for is still a mystery.

And the receipt was NOT in the bag.