Nov 30, 2015

Which way?

Sitting in my car, I am planning for the trip.

I check the weather conditions.

I look up the address.

I study couple of maps, but they are contradicting each other.

I read all about other people experience with the trip.

I think a lot about what is the best way to go about it.

After long time, I am still in the parking lot. I did not move an inch.

I look at my master who is waiting patiently on the back seat, smiling: "Just start the car, I'll show you the way!"

Nov 28, 2015

the travellers

Tirelessly one looks for the path and when the way is found there is no time to waste, no effort to spare walking it.

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the rain is raining unknown, unheard, unnoticed while the traveller is walking the path.

As no end is reached and no result is gained, the traveller looks around and sees thousands of other travellers that, just like him, are walking their path.

He offers a helping hand to others return the favour. Thousands of travellers are waking together now and only so the end of the path is reached.

Nov 13, 2015


I left everything to find you
Travelled the continents and
The sees
Tired I returned home
And there you were
Inside my house
Inside my heart

I am important

I am proud
I think I am important
But I cannot find you

I am humble
Now I can see you
And realize
That I am important

Nov 12, 2015

Should I?

When in doubt
Ask this:
Will the world be a better one if I should?
If not
Then you shouldn't

Nov 11, 2015

Nov 4, 2015


Why? What is it you want?
Here you are...
Still, no!
Why? What is it you want now?
This ...
Here you are...
Still, no!
Why? What is it you want?
I want what you want!
Here you are...

Nov 3, 2015

one day

just like the leaf
pushed by winds
eventually falls on Mother Earth
so am I
still flying on the wind of my thoughts
going to find the way back to you
when you wish me to