Jul 31, 2012

My friend

I told my dearest friend
-Come, I’ll show you how to run!
-I don’t want to offend
But running is no fun
I tried it this morning
And ended up in pain
It came out to nothing
Don’t want to try it again

-Let me show you how to fly
You can do it if you try
-Fly?!? What you think I am a bee
No my friend, just give me peace
Up the sky is not for me
Nothing there that I would miss.

-How about a trip to heaven?
Now my friend just looked at me
And he counted up to seven
-You have lost it I can see
Heaven, hell and so alike
They are not, nor here nor there
Better go and take a hike
I’m not going anywhere.

Jul 23, 2012

Visit at Wendy's

Being an immigrant and speaking with an accent can give you unexpected adventures sometimes.

I visited Wendy's for the first time alone. It took me around ten minutes to choose something from their menu.

I decided to go with something simple so I have no surprises: "Spicy chicken caesar salad".

I sat in the line and I was happy they were only 3-4 people in front of me. Well, I was happy too early because it took me around 30 minutes to get in front of the line. I have no idea what took so long...

Jul 22, 2012


I went bowling to a new places with a friend.

I asked the guy selling tickets: "how do you pay, by the hour?"

"No", he said, "by the game."

"How long does a game takes usually?" I asked.

"If there are two of you, around 10 minutes."

"Cool", I said, "let's take 3 games because those will take around..."

"Around an hour" said the guy...

Jul 20, 2012


Forgive me lord
For I have sinned

Lord laughed
You don't need my forgiveness
You are like a
Who not aware of
Jumps from one
To another

What should I do
Just take a bath
In the river
And stay away from
The puddles

Jul 19, 2012

Life is like a box of chocolates...

...you never know what you gonna get!

Or is it?

Who sows wind reaps storm…

Or does he?

Know thyself…

You will know the truth and that will set you free...


Life is like a police investigation. Few facts, maybe a murder or just a simple theft.