Feb 21, 2014

Shri Kalki

At the beginning of the times, God created people as mirrors by which to see Himself.

As a lovely father, He gave them a spark of Himself and put it in their hearts. He called it Spirit.

He created joy, love, friendship, care and many other good feelings and He started teaching them to people.

For that, He sent his messengers, one by one, hundreds of them, as teachers on this earth.

Calling them prophets, incarnations, saints, people got their message, organized it and lost it after a while.

But it was not for nothing, as each time people got a bit closer of knowing themselves.

"This time I will do it differently," God thought. "Instead of sending a teacher, I will make them teachers."

So He came among the people and showed them the spark in their hearts.

He taught them that the spark, this Spirit is who they really are.

Some of them connected with each other in a way they never had before.

They realized they were not that different from each other and that they were all a part of God.

They became one body.

And God called this Kalki.