Dec 26, 2011

Dec 23, 2011

Christmas haikus

a child is born
a hope is born

for conquering the world
finally a weapon

in a stable
enlightening the night
a tiny light

in a manger
peaceful, eyes closed
opening ours

dark night
enlighten our souls
mother’s son

father is watching
son is sleeping
divine cool breeze

in the seven heaven
in the manger
a straw

darkest night
light an joy
laugh of a kid

bringing gifts
leave richer
the mags

sky is a mirror
of the star
in a stable

animal voices
in a stable
perfect lullaby

darkest night
start of a bright life
easy to believe

finest gift
poor’s boy
pa rum pum pum pum

pulls me to the light
my father’s son
my brother

noisy world
changing into
silent night

dark world, dark skies
one star above
and one down here

joyous old man
finally living

dark night
brighter than heavens
the earth

looking in amazement
into the night

for once
wishing they were humans
the angels

Merry Christmas

a child is born
a hope is born

Dec 22, 2011

Dec 20, 2011

to fly

to fly in the sky
first love
the sky

To pluck it

To pluck it is a pity,
To leave it is a pity,
Ah, this violet.


Dec 19, 2011


Lightening lasts a second
But so beautiful
So is life

domestic ducks

     Domestic ducks
stretch their necks
     hoping to see the world
                       - Koji


Having given my opinion
I return home to
my wife's opinion
   - anonymous