Apr 25, 2014

it's all right

it's all right
if all looks lost
the sparkle inside is not
and it is showing you the way

it's all right
if all looks dark
it's just before dawn

it's all right
if you feel alone
look around
at the trees and flowers and bees
at the wind and rivers and rain
and Mother Earth
they all work for you
and are with you
and love you

it's all right
you are just a piece of light
through the night

Apr 16, 2014

Aim of my life

Today I am in good mood
so I am going to look for the purpose of my life

Partying is fun, let's do just that
It works for a while but then the fun is gone

Knowledge is fun
So book after book after book
I read and study and remember
But I realize:
This people did not find the meaning of their life
They are still confused more or less, just like I am.
How can they help me?

Spirituality is the way to go
So I visit churches and temples and saints and teachers
They all know the way, but they are not walking it
But they agree the way is towards You
So I start

Then I ask: "When I am going to find and know You?"
And I hear a laughter
"You can never do that. Your aim in life is not to know Me
but to know you."
"How can I do that?"
"Just walk towards me. The closer you get,
the better you'll know you."