Nov 13, 2012

End of the world

“What about the end of the world?” I asked my friend.

He laughed and laughed like I never saw somebody laughed before.

“Think of it”, he said. “If you were God and you created so many people in such a beautiful world, would you just destroy them all? Would would wipe out the amazing nature all around. Even if, let’s assume, some people would deserve to be destroyed (but this is debatable as most of the people are bad only out of ignorance) what about the others? What about the little children or the animals and the plants? What bad things did they do?”

“Just close your eye”, my friend said and I did. “Imagine a huge tree, bigger than anything you saw before. A tree with roots spreading over large distances on the earth. The trunk so tall that would go up to the clouds and above. The branches spread all over the sky. Connecting earth and heaven.”

I could see the tree so clear. But I could hardly see its top so tall it was. Its trunk was so wide as I couldn’t figure out how wide. And that tree was really connecting earth and heaven. But he was not far, it was so close...

“Yes that is in you, my friend. The tree is in you, it is part of you. And knowing the tree is the end of our world indeed. But at the same time the beginning of a new one where everyone has access to heaven. Everybody who wants it, that is. And the tree you see is the tree we all have inside. With its help we can reach the heaven.”

"Just like the 'Jack and the beanstalk'", I said.

My friend laughed again. "Yes, exactly like that. Except there is not giant waiting for you up there. Just the treasure..."


Here the pictures my daughters drew for me "out of the blue":