Feb 26, 2015

are not

The eyes are not for seeing
The ears are not for hearing
The mouth is not for saying
The hand is not for touching
The brain is not for understanding
For all that
There is the heart


the way
to think straight
is to stop thinking


there is only real freedom
the freedom
to let it be

Feb 24, 2015

the fastest path

the fastest path
is not the straight one
but when I close my eyes
and You lead the way

Feb 23, 2015

The sun

Looking at the sun
My eyes were blinded
By its beauty
Now the sun is gone
But the eyes
Still remember
The sun

Feb. 23rd, 2015

Feb 16, 2015

Feb 15, 2015

You get

You get
what you get
you don't get upset

Best life strategy, taught in my daughter's kindergarten

Feb 12, 2015