Dec 7, 2016

A drop

An ocean of dark hate
Purified instantly is
By a drop
Of pure love

Nov 9, 2016

I thought

I thought
By knowing more and more
I'll know you
But you told me to forget all
And what is left was you

I practiced and searched and discussed
To find about you
But you told me
To keep quiet and forget the thoughts
And what was left was you

Then I sang and praised you
And worshiped and offered you flowers
But that I realized you need none
So I smiled and that was you

Nov 7, 2016

Big things

Big things
we hope to achieve
ministers and leaders
to be we believe
will bring joy
and peace
and worry

But the truth be told
on small things, if we hold
a smile
a pat on the back
some bread in the sack
the kiss from a son
with a friend some fun
a joke from your pal
all this truly shall
hit a home run.

Oct 27, 2016

The tree

Enjoying the beautiful tree
I forget not
The skies behind it.

Oct 25, 2016

I am not from here

I am not from here
that is why I come,
stay for a while,
and go.


I don't know you
even if we met
a long time ago.
I hardly know me.


I am just passing
and trying
to find the treasure.


Like the sun
looks divine
behind the clouds,
so is the treasure
on the bottom
of the lake
of illusions.

Oct 24, 2016


Life is a race
at full speed pace
strange case
a weird chase
We've got no place
no living grace
What to do?
Outside we grew
have we but knew.
Our life is blue
Can't win this fight
without some light
that really might
adorn the night.

Oct 12, 2016

Listen to the silence

Nothing around is nice?
The world is full of tyrants?
You just close your eyes
and listen to the silence.

You lost all your allies?
Your life is out of balance?
You just close your eyes
And listen to the silence.

Grey is the sunrise?
The standard is defiance?
You just close your eyes
and listen to the silence.

A beautiful surprise
and deep inside there's guidance
if you just closed your eyes
and listened to the silence.

Oct 11, 2016

The world

The world is what it is
You like it or not

People are good and people are bad
One guy is happy, another one is sad.
One will help you, one will cheat you.
One is scared and one will hit you.

You can't get it, you have no clue,
What is to offer, whatever is due.
Don't blame it on the world
Don't hit it with a sword.

You can't change a river,
You can't flatten a hill,
You can't golden the silver,
A butterfly can't be still.

The world is what it is
And beautiful it is
Just love it and enjoy it
It's not a contest, it's just a trip.

Sep 9, 2016


general illusion
simple solution
for evolution
no confusion

Sep 6, 2016

I am so good

You should do this
  He should say that
    She should buy that
      They should sell that.

I am so good
  at what other people
    should do!

Aug 30, 2016

Your light

Looking at the sun
  my eyes ache
Looking at you
  radiating billions of sun of light
    my eyes are cooled
      and warmed
        and cleared
          at once.

Aug 28, 2016

She would come

You are good 
or bad bad 
She would come

or old
She would come

or not
She would come

or servant
She would come

If only you would call

Aug 24, 2016

Your presence

I begged for your presence
And yet you ignored me

I cried for your presence
And yet you ignored me

I fasted, I did not sleep, I prayed
And yet you ignored me. 

I gave up and looked around
At the transparent sky
And the green leaf
And the warm sun
And the silent night. 

You were here

all the time. 

Aug 22, 2016

The cat

The cat
Has a nap
He is happy
Just a kitty
The sleep 
Is deep

No trouble
Just slumber

Aug 20, 2016

The stars

The stars are beautiful 
through the window. 

To get to the stars, though, 
one needs to learn 
to fly first. 

Aug 18, 2016


Small house
Big house
What's the difference?

Big car
No car
Same trip 

Big bed
Small bed
Same sleep

Same me

Aug 15, 2016

Wouldn't it be nice

Wouldn't it be nice
if we could turn our eye around
and look inside?
Then, we would only see light!

By A.

Aug 12, 2016

Kids fight

Real story:

- That is not fair! I don't want to play anymore!
- I don't want to play with you anymore either!

After 20 seconds:

- Should we play something else?
- Yeah, let's play something else!

Aug 10, 2016

Around the world

A trip around the world
happily ends
in the place it started.
Looking forward to getting home again!

Aug 9, 2016

What's the use?

We want this, we want that.
  We get this and get that.
    But what is the use?
      What is the use?

We read this, we learn that.
  We watch this news, we discuss that news.
    But what is the use?
      What is the use?

We work hard to be praised.
  We spend the night to go ahead.
    But what is the use?
      What is the use?

We argue a lot, we complain a lot.
  We gossip a bit, we throw a fit.
    But what is the use?
      What is the use?

Jul 28, 2016

Live in the moment and get rich

Living in the present can make financial sense.

Consider the following scenario: you want to purchase a service that will cost you $10 per month (for example, Apple Music or Google Music) and you plan to use it for 5 years.

If you are living in the moment, right now, the cost of the service is $10. That's about it.

But if you are a person who is thinking about the future a lot, you will realize the service will cost you 5 years x 12 months x $10 = $600.

Making a simple calculation, living in the present will bring you a quick profit of $590.


Enjoying the present moment is good for you!

Jul 25, 2016

The door

I knock at the door.

The lock is on the other side so there is little I can do but sit and wait.

One day, you will come and open the door.

Jul 21, 2016

Trip to the ocean

How much more
do you think
we still have?

Not sure.

But I can feel
the breeze
of the ocean
on my face.

I am closer
than yesterday

That is enough.

Photo credit

Jul 18, 2016

If you are ready

If you are ready,
He will come.

If you are not,
He will not.

That simple.
Stop whining!

Jul 9, 2016

Only then

Thousands of words I tried to sing for you, but there was no response.

I closed my eyes and bowed down and touched your feet.

No words, no song, just silence.

Only then you noticed me.

Jun 14, 2016

not much

I think I did not accomplish much
in this life
said the husband
to his wife
after they all had dinner
and he tucked the kids to sleep.

His wife smiled...

May 18, 2016

Travelling to the temple

Travelling to the temple
On the mountain
I step on the bricks of the road
Each brick is helping me go forward
I realize that
Each brick is placed there
By somebody else

Apr 22, 2016

Life is hard

Life is hard.
We only have air, water, food, house,
people around and music.
How can you live like that?

Apr 19, 2016


I am so proud
Of the paintings I created
Said the paintbrush
Forgetting the artist