Nov 21, 2014

If the rain would stop

If the rain would stop
Who would raise the plants?
If the wind would quiet
Who would clean the leaves?
If the lightening would disappear
Who would guide us in the dark?
If the clouds would vanish
Where would be the beauty if the sun?
Who could even see it?

Aug 21, 2014

bad event

A bad event is something that is bad at one time and that becomes a good thing with the time passing. It eventually becomes the best thing that ever happened to someone.

Aug 13, 2014

new job

My master called and said:
I have a new job for you:
You have to go on this trip.
I will be around you, providing all you need in your life.
I will provide food and a house.
I will create nature around you and will keep you from harm.
I will give you clothes to keep you warm and the breeze to cool you down.
I will arrange for parents to teach you what you need to know and also for a wife and kids.
I will provide you with a job to keep you active.
If you have any wish and it is good for you, I will fulfill it.
The only think you will have to do is to enjoy.

And I was born here on earth...

Aug 11, 2014

Second proof our mind is strange

We are sure somebody created this:

but we are sure this came randomly:

Aug 10, 2014

Proof that our brain is strange

I think I am right about a topic

Whoever thinks different is wrong

There is a topic about which I think today different than yesterday

As I am one, I am right and wrong at the same time

Aug 8, 2014

I wanted to know

I wanted to know if there was life before life and after
I wanted to know what I was doing here and why
I wanted to know how the heart worked and how the brain thought
I wanted to know about others
I wanted to know what philosophers said and to get wiser reading their books
I went to all the churches and temples and mosques and listened to the teachers
I looked inside and outside and I tried to make sense of all
I tried to love and be loved, to make myself clean and worthy
I helped my brother and tried to be there when one needed me

And yet I looked ahead and I was still at the bottom of the mountain
Not even a step higher, not even a bit wiser.

You then came and held my hand
And my journey started...

Jul 29, 2014

a hard life

He did a good job previous life, so he could choose what kind of life the next one would be.

"I want a very difficult life, next one.

One where I would be very confused about who I am, what is my purpose and what should I do.

I want to have people around me posing as friends but be otherwise.

I want to have my life organized about the others so it is difficult to find my own path.

In this way, I am sure I will learn a lot and I will come stronger."

His journey started. He was born as the son of one of the richest people on earth.

the prayer

I used to pray day and night.

Every little second I was thinking of you and I was longing for you and praying.

My prayers were pure prayers: I wanted to know you, I wanted to have you in my life, to have you close.

Day after day, I prayed.

In the morning, at noon and before going to sleep, I prayed.

My life eventually passed and I got to meet you after all.

"What did I do wrong, that you never answered my prayers?" I asked.

"I tried", you said, "but your mind was always working, I could not find a moment of silence to come near you, to talk to you, to give you what you were asking for..."

photo credits

Jul 28, 2014

two horses...

... were pulling a heavy wagon full of grains.

One was happy, one was very unhappy.

"What's the matter", the first asked.

"What do you mean?!? We are both pulling this heavy wagons every day. Day after day, sweating for these human beings. The sun is burning our skin and the flies are biting us day and night.

And if now is bad, wait until we get into the autumn and the path will become muddy and the rain will become a daily event.

This life is a miserable one and I wish I died tomorrow... I have no idea how you keep smiling all day long. You have probably lost if from this hard work."

"Well, you might be right. I kind of lost it as I don't know what you are talking about.

It is true we are pulling this heavy wagon, but it is full of grains and part of them will be our daily food now and all through the winter when we'll spend long days without any work.

Also these grains are providing food for the family of our master and for many more. Because of us, lots if people will have what to eat and they will work hard on the fields so we have what to eat and drink as well.

When we get home, our master is calling his children to clean us and play with us. They sometime ride us and their laughs is music in my ears.

Also before going to sleep, our master always come over and checks on us: if we had enough food, water. He is even cleaning after us.

He speaks nice words to us, plays on his flute sometime.

His love for us is so precious that the least I can do is to help him feed his kids and see them grow happy and healthy..."

Jul 27, 2014

When I created you...

... I put inside your heart a piece of me. It is an ocean of love in the tiny space of your heart so you have enough to distribute it to the world.

When you come back to me, that is how I am going to see if you did a good job or not, depending on how much of that love you distributed around.

Spread it around and your life will be a beautiful and joyous one.

Keep it to yourself and your life will be miserable and you would have lived in vain...

photo by Romel

Jul 26, 2014

The leaf

A leaf was born and for a while all was perfect. Sun rays were falling all day long, the tree was feeding her whenever she needed.

But soon many leaves were born of the tree and our leaf was not that happy anymore. The sun light needed to be shared now and also the food was distributed among maybe others so, while enough, was not plenty like before.

So the leaf started complying:

"Why I am not on the top of the tree? Why do I have to share the light with others? I am a special leaf, I was here first and I should be offered special attention.

Also why do I need the tree? There is nothing special about it. I am the one that nicely moves in the wind and gives the tree its beauty.

I wish I could detach myself from the tree and from all the other useless leaves. Then everybody will see how special I am."

She asked a bird that had the nest in a tree: "I beg of you, please pull me out of the tree and give me the freedom!"

The bird listed to the request and pulled the little leaf and let it be. She travelled for few minutes on the wind but quickly fell on the ground. A rain started and the ground was full of mud. Also lots of people and animals travelled through the area and stepped on it.

The leaf was now even more unhappy: "Only if the people would pay more attention, they will notice what a special leaf I am..."

photo by Anne Davis

Jul 25, 2014

he is, she is

He is not smart
She is talking too much
He is too short
She is too tall
He is too thin
She is too fat
He is showing off
She is too quiet

So how was your today? my lord asks me.

Not good, said I.

I wasted yet another day.

Image by Kristina Alexanderson

Jul 24, 2014

The cages

Like a mad man, I tried to break the cages around me. Thick, metallic bars are all over.

I push them, I hit them, I throw my body against them.

But in vain. I am hurt, my hands are scratched with blood dripping from my fingers.

Now I am tired. I try no more.

But I realize. As you created me, you created the cages as well. I don't understand why, but I am sure you had a reason.

I abandon my cages, I abandon my life, my thoughts, myself. I give it all to you...

Like magic, the cages disappear, one after another, they dissolve into thin air. So does the pain.

So do I. I am back into the ocean where I started from. I am back to you.

Being back feels so good... and that is only because of the cages.

Photo by John Dalkin

Jul 20, 2014

Mount Kailash

Day after day, week after week, the life is passing in total confusion.

Why this, why that? - I ask at every turn. There is no logic whatsoever, no meaning in all this.

Beauty and ugliness, happiness and sorrow, gain and loss, where is this taking me? - I wonder.

So the years pass and so the life does.

Now I am sitting here tired, almost exhausted and I look ahead and I see, not far away, the peak of the mountain Kailash.

I wanted it and longed for it but in my confusion I did not know where it was nor how I could reach it.

And then I look back and I see my life’s long passed events and the zigzagged trail I followed in my confusion and I notice that at each turn I was unknowingly closer to the peak.

And then I see You in front of me showing me the way, pulling my hand without my knowing. In the time of despair I see you behind me helping and pushing me. In the time when I was down I see you carrying me in your arms.

I fold my palms thanking you…

my heart

My lord, how is it that, even if I have everything, I am not happy?

The answer is simple: you are not using the gifts I have bestowed upon you.

What is the gift are you talking about, my lord?

I have gifted you the heart and you are not using it as it should used.

But I did used it to love my parents, my brothers and sisters.

That is true, but not enough.

I love my wife and my children.

A bit better, but still the heart is mostly unused.

My country I love and I try to help the people here.

Yes, that is good. But you know the country is only what people created. God never created countries.

Then teach me how I can use my heart, I beg of you!

I cannot teach you, nor anybody can as it is nothing to be taught.

The heart and the love that flows from is nothing of your doing. I have gifted it to you but it does not belong to you. It is just a fountain through which I can be known in the world. Through your heart and through all the hearts of all the people in the world, I am sending My love.

Lord, then I am offering you my heart. I am offering you my being, I am offering you myself.

Silence came then and my heart became a fountain of divine love, flowing, spreading, reaching everybody. People drenched in it became messengers of the same love.

And then there was nothing left of me that belonged to me.

And then I was happy...

Art by Julie Jensen

Jul 18, 2014

beauty is really inside?

Beauty is to be found inside, they say.

Is it?

I looked outside and I saw:

A leaf, a flower, a tree
A field, a hill and a mountain
The wind, the rain and the snow
A cat, a tiger and a lion
A butterfly, a dragonfly, an eagle
Heard the sound of a drum, the music of a piano
The laughter of a child
The smile of his mother looking at him

I looked inside and I saw a river of thoughts
Envy and jealousy and wish for riches
Longing to be appreciated and to be praised
Desire to gossip and many the same

So, I am sticking with the outside for now.

Jul 15, 2014

The Voice

I was never good at singing, so I never sang when others could listen.

I loved music though and I envied the singers.

When I met you and you asked me to sing, I was so ashamed, as my voice was not fit for a regular human being, let alone for a king.

You insisted and I sang and true enough I did not sing well.

But you called my brother and asked him to sing.

And he did but his voice, even if way better than mine was not good enough either.

Then you called a sister and another brother and many others and you ask each of them to sing.

Some better, some worse, their voices were not as you would deserve.

Then you did something unexpected: you asked us to sing together.

And we did.

And the result was divine.

And I was not ashamed anymore as I understood.

While we are singing out of tune when alone, we are great together.

And maybe we are not really singing.

Maybe you are?!?

Jul 14, 2014





Not finding
Not believing

Not seeking

More joy
More love
Only joy
Only love

Jul 13, 2014

I am what I am

Some say I am not good, regular and maybe not even
But I don't feel bad, nor good, nor proud
I am what I am
A traveller to the peak of the mountain

Some say I am special and look up to me
But I don't feel bad, nor good, nor proud
I am what I am
A traveller to the peak of the mountain

Some ignore me and turn around when I come
But I don't feel bad, nor good, nor proud
I am what I am
A traveller to the peak of the mountain

Some help me and love me and push me ahead
I thank them
But I don't feel bad, nor good, nor proud
I am what I am
A traveller to the peak of the mountain

Some rely on me and their life depends on me
And their trip depends on me
But I don't feel bad, nor good, nor proud
I am what I am
A traveller to the peak of the mountain

Manning Park, BC, 2014

May 1, 2014

Apr 25, 2014

it's all right

it's all right
if all looks lost
the sparkle inside is not
and it is showing you the way

it's all right
if all looks dark
it's just before dawn

it's all right
if you feel alone
look around
at the trees and flowers and bees
at the wind and rivers and rain
and Mother Earth
they all work for you
and are with you
and love you

it's all right
you are just a piece of light
through the night

Apr 16, 2014

Aim of my life

Today I am in good mood
so I am going to look for the purpose of my life

Partying is fun, let's do just that
It works for a while but then the fun is gone

Knowledge is fun
So book after book after book
I read and study and remember
But I realize:
This people did not find the meaning of their life
They are still confused more or less, just like I am.
How can they help me?

Spirituality is the way to go
So I visit churches and temples and saints and teachers
They all know the way, but they are not walking it
But they agree the way is towards You
So I start

Then I ask: "When I am going to find and know You?"
And I hear a laughter
"You can never do that. Your aim in life is not to know Me
but to know you."
"How can I do that?"
"Just walk towards me. The closer you get,
the better you'll know you."

Feb 21, 2014

Shri Kalki

At the beginning of the times, God created people as mirrors by which to see Himself.

As a lovely father, He gave them a spark of Himself and put it in their hearts. He called it Spirit.

He created joy, love, friendship, care and many other good feelings and He started teaching them to people.

For that, He sent his messengers, one by one, hundreds of them, as teachers on this earth.

Calling them prophets, incarnations, saints, people got their message, organized it and lost it after a while.

But it was not for nothing, as each time people got a bit closer of knowing themselves.

"This time I will do it differently," God thought. "Instead of sending a teacher, I will make them teachers."

So He came among the people and showed them the spark in their hearts.

He taught them that the spark, this Spirit is who they really are.

Some of them connected with each other in a way they never had before.

They realized they were not that different from each other and that they were all a part of God.

They became one body.

And God called this Kalki.

Feb 6, 2014

I don’t get it

I went to school
and I did not get it
I met people and
I still did not get it
Married, had kids and grand kids
I partially got it, but still...
I then met You
And I understood
that understanding
was not the aim
Knowing you
And then
I got it!