Mar 25, 2013


the shore: waves are furious
offshore: the lake
is peaceful

Mar 19, 2013

Chapters funny rules

I went to Chapters to buy Hobbit+Lord of the Rings boxed set which was on sale online for $20.

Price in the store: $40.

I showed them the online price, they couldn't do a price match.

Okay, I said, if these are the rules.

I went back to the computer, went online, order the books for $20, got a $2 discount because I am a member, free shipping and pick up option from the store I have just left...


And the nice answer from them:

Dear Dragos Ionel,

Thank you for your feedback regarding online versus in-store book pricing.

We are often asked about the difference in pricing between online and our stores. The differences stem from the different economics of these two channels. We hope that you find the explanation below helpful.

For our online channel, our book pricing is only a small amount above our cost. The economics of online book selling are dependent upon very large volumes to ensure the overall profitability of our business. Despite the challenges, we remain committed to this channel and to providing this service to our customers.

We cannot match our online pricing in our physical stores. The service in our stores is more involved and can be more tailored to an individual shopper. We employ trained and committed staff and maintain a diverse inventory to provide our customers with the most inspiring retail environment in the world for books and life-enriching products and experiences.

It is our policy to provide the best possible pricing in our stores. We offer a discount of 20-30% for a significant number of top-selling books. We also have a large selection of "Bargain Books" at discounts of up to 80% off the list price, providing our customers with tremendous value. There are also numerous in-store sales and promotions throughout the year and most purchases in our store are eligible to collect points through our free plum rewards program for participating members.

When you want the lowest possible price for a book, you can shop online at and choose from over 2 million books available all the time. If you enjoy browsing and more personal service, or need your book immediately, then you may prefer to shop in our stores.

Whether you choose to shop online or in-store – or both – we look forward to offering you unparalleled service and selection at competitive prices.

We thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and invite you to do so again in the future.

If you require any additional assistance, please contact us.

Thank you for choosing Indigo.


Customer Service Team

Mar 15, 2013

Meditation is not a good thing: You are not special anymore

Admit it or not, you and I and all others think we are special people.

During school, at work, in family, even when walking on the street. We are sure we are a special individual.

When you start meditating, your subtle body become cleaner and as a result you start seeing things more of what they are and not of what you think about them.

You know more about you and about others.

You learn how you and others are.

As a result, you understand you are not really a very special person. You are not anymore very smart, handsome, or funny.

You are one person with qualities and defects. Just like any other.

You are just one of the seven billion people on the planet.

You are just a regular person.

Who wants to feel that way?!? Eh?