Aug 21, 2014

bad event

A bad event is something that is bad at one time and that becomes a good thing with the time passing. It eventually becomes the best thing that ever happened to someone.

Aug 13, 2014

new job

My master called and said:
I have a new job for you:
You have to go on this trip.
I will be around you, providing all you need in your life.
I will provide food and a house.
I will create nature around you and will keep you from harm.
I will give you clothes to keep you warm and the breeze to cool you down.
I will arrange for parents to teach you what you need to know and also for a wife and kids.
I will provide you with a job to keep you active.
If you have any wish and it is good for you, I will fulfill it.
The only think you will have to do is to enjoy.

And I was born here on earth...

Aug 11, 2014

Second proof our mind is strange

We are sure somebody created this:

but we are sure this came randomly:

Aug 10, 2014

Proof that our brain is strange

I think I am right about a topic

Whoever thinks different is wrong

There is a topic about which I think today different than yesterday

As I am one, I am right and wrong at the same time

Aug 8, 2014

I wanted to know

I wanted to know if there was life before life and after
I wanted to know what I was doing here and why
I wanted to know how the heart worked and how the brain thought
I wanted to know about others
I wanted to know what philosophers said and to get wiser reading their books
I went to all the churches and temples and mosques and listened to the teachers
I looked inside and outside and I tried to make sense of all
I tried to love and be loved, to make myself clean and worthy
I helped my brother and tried to be there when one needed me

And yet I looked ahead and I was still at the bottom of the mountain
Not even a step higher, not even a bit wiser.

You then came and held my hand
And my journey started...