Feb 6, 2012

Alicia and White Angel

 The saga continues!

Find out more about the girl from Alicia and Little Star, about her journey towards the meaning of life. Her life and yours as well.

Alicia and White Angel is the story of Alicia and her adventures to find her true destiny.

During her search, Alicia has an amazing companion: White Angel.

He is there all the time to provide assistance.

He is there for her.

He is there to help her find herself. (more)


When I was a very little girl, and still slept in a cot, I used to have a recurrent dream which I remember to this day. It went like this: I was in a beautiful, golden, shining place, and somehow all the others there had bodies of light – they were almost like stars. (more)

Linda Williams (author of the fantasy trilogy, The Awakening of Navi Septa)


“Alicia and White Angel” introduces a new, deeper perspective of Little Star's self-discovery journey from “Alicia and Little Star”. (more)

Michael Kastellorizios (USA)


“Alicia and White Angel” is another precious and delicate little story destined to win the hearts of readers. (more)

Rabi Ghosh (India)