Jul 19, 2012

Life is like a box of chocolates...

...you never know what you gonna get!

Or is it?

Who sows wind reaps storm…

Or does he?

Know thyself…

You will know the truth and that will set you free...


Life is like a police investigation. Few facts, maybe a murder or just a simple theft.

People looking into it try to solve a puzzle, look for motives, try to connect the dots. Difficult that is sometimes. Impossible sometimes.

If you keep looking, keep searching, outside and inside, look at the obvious and at the not so obvious, light slowly downs upon you. Understanding flickers at the beginning then the light is increasing.

Simple stars over the darkness of our lives are in the end replaced by the light of the sunrise.

Only a flicker at the beginning, the sun is to rise eventually, at the right moment, according to the divine schedule. Want it or not, there is sunrise. And then all becomes clear.

The stars are no longer needed, they just disappear as they are useless now.

Sun is rising quick and, with it, light is all over.

Just shapes in the night until just now, beautiful buildings make their appearance.

Scary in the night, trees are now beautiful and some full of fruits.

We now see other people just as they are: very much like us walking on the path towards light. Some slower, some faster, some knowing, some oblivious, but all together.

And then the investigation is finished. All the dots are connected and the beautiful painting the artist was working on is now finished.

What has this to do with you and me? Simple, we are just small dots of paint among billions or maybe more other dots…

All beautiful, all needed.