Mar 15, 2013

Meditation is not a good thing: You are not special anymore

Admit it or not, you and I and all others think we are special people.

During school, at work, in family, even when walking on the street. We are sure we are a special individual.

When you start meditating, your subtle body become cleaner and as a result you start seeing things more of what they are and not of what you think about them.

You know more about you and about others.

You learn how you and others are.

As a result, you understand you are not really a very special person. You are not anymore very smart, handsome, or funny.

You are one person with qualities and defects. Just like any other.

You are just one of the seven billion people on the planet.

You are just a regular person.

Who wants to feel that way?!? Eh?