Apr 16, 2014

Aim of my life

Today I am in good mood
so I am going to look for the purpose of my life

Partying is fun, let's do just that
It works for a while but then the fun is gone

Knowledge is fun
So book after book after book
I read and study and remember
But I realize:
This people did not find the meaning of their life
They are still confused more or less, just like I am.
How can they help me?

Spirituality is the way to go
So I visit churches and temples and saints and teachers
They all know the way, but they are not walking it
But they agree the way is towards You
So I start

Then I ask: "When I am going to find and know You?"
And I hear a laughter
"You can never do that. Your aim in life is not to know Me
but to know you."
"How can I do that?"
"Just walk towards me. The closer you get,
the better you'll know you."