Oct 25, 2017

the eggs

- I want to reach enlightenment, I told my master.

- It is simple. But let's eat first.

Let's boil some eggs together.

First, we take a pot. No need to think too much, pick whatever you have that is big enough. No need to analyze the pot. A pot is a pot. It was built to boil things.

Put the eggs in the pot. Carefully so they don't break. No need to hurry.

Get some water. No need to understand the water, just open the tap. Cold, hot, it does not matter. Just fill the pot with water.

Put the pot on the stove. Turn the heat on. The stove is a complicated thing. To use it there is no need to understand it. You just need to master turning it on.

Now, just wait for 10-15 minutes. No need to do anything, just sit and watch.

The water has the boiling inside. You cannot teach it to boil or to boil faster. You just bring it close to heat and it will boil.

After some time to turn off the heat, take the eggs out and wait for them to cool down. No need to analyze. They will cool down with or without you.

And now you can enjoy the eggs.

- But I am confused, what does it have to do with enlightenment?

- Sorry to hear that, let's do it again...

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