Jan 11, 2018

Little Star and her Mother - part 1

Little Star was talking to her Mother:

- In our world, there is not time so looking at my next trip I know exactly what will happen. Why is it that I still have to go?

- The trip is like a kid slide on Earth.

At first, the children are frightened to use it. Their mother has to slide with them.

After a while, she just needs to be there.

Then they learn to like it use it alone

And they use it again and again.

Each time they know exactly what will happen: they start on the top and slide fast to the bottom.

The more they use it, the more they know about it.

After a while, the will know it so well that they will go on the next adventure.

- Yes, but I am not enjoying the trips so much...

- Soon you will ... and then you will have an option to go or not go.

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