Jan 19, 2013

If I know every inch of the route to perfection...

The weather is getting a bit chilly these days. While there is not too much snow, the wind is blowing a bit so the walk in the park is not as pleasant as it was few days ago.

But still, as promised, Satty agreed to join me for a walk. His warm smile make me forget a bit about the weather.

"I hope you have some a good question for me..."

"I actually have more than one, I got a list to tell you the truth..."

"Then pick one but pick fast before we both freeze to death" said he laughing and walking faster so we can both can get warmer...

"Here is the question", said I.

If I know every inch of the route to perfection like the back of my hand, why am I still not perfect?

He became serious for a second then a big smile came to his face.

"Here is the thing. There are two incorrect topics in your question.

First you don't know every inch of the way to perfection. Not only that, you don't even know about the route to perfection. More, there is not route to perfection. And if there is none, you can't be knowing it.

And the second incorrect item in your question is that you are not perfect. Oh, but you are perfect. And so I am. And so is Ginni who asked the question.

The problem is that we don't know that, we actually forgot about it. We knew it not so long ago when we were small babies and our mind did not start screwing up our life, we were more aware of how perfect we were. And that is why we were happier then.

We are just like a diamond in the mud which does not lose any of its perfection by being in the mud. At the most it gets dirty and hidden. But one day comes when somebody finds the diamond, cleanse it with a bit of water and there you go. The sparkly diamond is known to the world."

"I am a bit confused", said I. "If I am a diamond, how come I don't shine?"

"Because you are deep in the mud. And you need to be found."

"But who is the one who is going to find me and cleanse me so I can be shiny again."

"That is you my friend. You have to search for the real you. Once you do that, you will shine not like a diamond, but like a million diamonds."

"How can I do that?"

"No more questions for today... We agreed to one question per day. And if we stay longer in this cold, none of us will find no diamonds..."

(if you have more questions for Satty, send them over)