Jan 24, 2013

Why do people do things they know will not make them happy?

Satty seemed sad at this question. He said:

"This is a good question. Why, when we know something is wrong we still do it? Not only that, but after we do something and it turns out bad, we do it again.

The reason is simple: people don't know how beautiful they are.

If there is a beautiful painting, let's say a Da Vinci, people come from all the corners of the world to see it. They talk about it, they write books about it, they make movies.

But nobody is amazed at the beauty that he or she is.

Nobody believes anymore in how precious he or she is.

We are just like the small wheels in a watch. Each of huge importance to the correct functioning of the mechanism. One goes slows down, the watch slows down. One stops, the watch stops. The small ones just like the big ones. The one above as the ones below.

Each of us is a beautiful flower but just because we forgot how to look inside we just see us as the result of our actions in the world outside. If we are successful, then we are worthy something. If we are not, then we are worthless.

That is the reason our lives is sometimes so screwed up. We run after shadows and we hit our head on the walls."

"What is the way out?" I asked.

"Simple. Find yourself."
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