Jul 20, 2014

Mount Kailash

Day after day, week after week, the life is passing in total confusion.

Why this, why that? - I ask at every turn. There is no logic whatsoever, no meaning in all this.

Beauty and ugliness, happiness and sorrow, gain and loss, where is this taking me? - I wonder.

So the years pass and so the life does.

Now I am sitting here tired, almost exhausted and I look ahead and I see, not far away, the peak of the mountain Kailash.

I wanted it and longed for it but in my confusion I did not know where it was nor how I could reach it.

And then I look back and I see my life’s long passed events and the zigzagged trail I followed in my confusion and I notice that at each turn I was unknowingly closer to the peak.

And then I see You in front of me showing me the way, pulling my hand without my knowing. In the time of despair I see you behind me helping and pushing me. In the time when I was down I see you carrying me in your arms.

I fold my palms thanking you…