Jul 26, 2014

The leaf

A leaf was born and for a while all was perfect. Sun rays were falling all day long, the tree was feeding her whenever she needed.

But soon many leaves were born of the tree and our leaf was not that happy anymore. The sun light needed to be shared now and also the food was distributed among maybe others so, while enough, was not plenty like before.

So the leaf started complying:

"Why I am not on the top of the tree? Why do I have to share the light with others? I am a special leaf, I was here first and I should be offered special attention.

Also why do I need the tree? There is nothing special about it. I am the one that nicely moves in the wind and gives the tree its beauty.

I wish I could detach myself from the tree and from all the other useless leaves. Then everybody will see how special I am."

She asked a bird that had the nest in a tree: "I beg of you, please pull me out of the tree and give me the freedom!"

The bird listed to the request and pulled the little leaf and let it be. She travelled for few minutes on the wind but quickly fell on the ground. A rain started and the ground was full of mud. Also lots of people and animals travelled through the area and stepped on it.

The leaf was now even more unhappy: "Only if the people would pay more attention, they will notice what a special leaf I am..."

photo by Anne Davis