Jul 24, 2014

The cages

Like a mad man, I tried to break the cages around me. Thick, metallic bars are all over.

I push them, I hit them, I throw my body against them.

But in vain. I am hurt, my hands are scratched with blood dripping from my fingers.

Now I am tired. I try no more.

But I realize. As you created me, you created the cages as well. I don't understand why, but I am sure you had a reason.

I abandon my cages, I abandon my life, my thoughts, myself. I give it all to you...

Like magic, the cages disappear, one after another, they dissolve into thin air. So does the pain.

So do I. I am back into the ocean where I started from. I am back to you.

Being back feels so good... and that is only because of the cages.

Photo by John Dalkin