Jul 28, 2014

two horses...

... were pulling a heavy wagon full of grains.

One was happy, one was very unhappy.

"What's the matter", the first asked.

"What do you mean?!? We are both pulling this heavy wagons every day. Day after day, sweating for these human beings. The sun is burning our skin and the flies are biting us day and night.

And if now is bad, wait until we get into the autumn and the path will become muddy and the rain will become a daily event.

This life is a miserable one and I wish I died tomorrow... I have no idea how you keep smiling all day long. You have probably lost if from this hard work."

"Well, you might be right. I kind of lost it as I don't know what you are talking about.

It is true we are pulling this heavy wagon, but it is full of grains and part of them will be our daily food now and all through the winter when we'll spend long days without any work.

Also these grains are providing food for the family of our master and for many more. Because of us, lots if people will have what to eat and they will work hard on the fields so we have what to eat and drink as well.

When we get home, our master is calling his children to clean us and play with us. They sometime ride us and their laughs is music in my ears.

Also before going to sleep, our master always come over and checks on us: if we had enough food, water. He is even cleaning after us.

He speaks nice words to us, plays on his flute sometime.

His love for us is so precious that the least I can do is to help him feed his kids and see them grow happy and healthy..."