Jul 15, 2014

The Voice

I was never good at singing, so I never sang when others could listen.

I loved music though and I envied the singers.

When I met you and you asked me to sing, I was so ashamed, as my voice was not fit for a regular human being, let alone for a king.

You insisted and I sang and true enough I did not sing well.

But you called my brother and asked him to sing.

And he did but his voice, even if way better than mine was not good enough either.

Then you called a sister and another brother and many others and you ask each of them to sing.

Some better, some worse, their voices were not as you would deserve.

Then you did something unexpected: you asked us to sing together.

And we did.

And the result was divine.

And I was not ashamed anymore as I understood.

While we are singing out of tune when alone, we are great together.

And maybe we are not really singing.

Maybe you are?!?