Jul 20, 2014

my heart

My lord, how is it that, even if I have everything, I am not happy?

The answer is simple: you are not using the gifts I have bestowed upon you.

What is the gift are you talking about, my lord?

I have gifted you the heart and you are not using it as it should used.

But I did used it to love my parents, my brothers and sisters.

That is true, but not enough.

I love my wife and my children.

A bit better, but still the heart is mostly unused.

My country I love and I try to help the people here.

Yes, that is good. But you know the country is only what people created. God never created countries.

Then teach me how I can use my heart, I beg of you!

I cannot teach you, nor anybody can as it is nothing to be taught.

The heart and the love that flows from is nothing of your doing. I have gifted it to you but it does not belong to you. It is just a fountain through which I can be known in the world. Through your heart and through all the hearts of all the people in the world, I am sending My love.

Lord, then I am offering you my heart. I am offering you my being, I am offering you myself.

Silence came then and my heart became a fountain of divine love, flowing, spreading, reaching everybody. People drenched in it became messengers of the same love.

And then there was nothing left of me that belonged to me.

And then I was happy...

Art by Julie Jensen